Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Age of the Father was not mentioned in this interesting article

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Men's fertility is under attack and scientists fear for future generations, writes Steve Dow.

It might be a man's world, but could his reproductive days be in decline? Exposures to pesticides, herbicides, industrial agents, tobacco, alcohol and metals - even mobile phone use - are being increasingly blamed for abnormal sperm and falls in sperm counts.

But the conference was reminded that fathers might also pass on health problems to their children, via the more traditionally understood mutation of the male germ line. Another scientist, Cynthia Daniels of Rutgers University in New York, warned both would-be parents to stay away from unnecessary chemicals, but made a point of addressing budding fathers: "If I was a young man I would not drink beer, I would not be smoking when I'm trying to conceive a child."



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