Sunday, November 02, 2008

Mobile Phone Radiations. How Safe You Are

Saturday, November 1, 2008
Mobile Phone Radiations. How Safe You Are?

MEN who talk for hours on their mobile phones could be jeopardising their chance of fathering a child, Australian research suggests.
An experiment on semen revealed evidence of DNA damage after 16 hours of exposure to radiation similar to the output of a mobile phone.
"After 16 hours exposure, there was clear evidence of DNA damage," Prof Aitken said.
DNA damage in spermatozoa has been associated with decreased fertility, increased risk of miscarriage and various kinds of disease in offspring, including childhood cancer, and a number of neurological disorders such as autism, bipolar disorder and spontaneous schizophrenia.

read more at Australian news
Cellular phones use microwave frequncies. Various bands of frequencies are used depending on the type of service used. For example the GSM phones use the frequencies near 830, 900, 1740 and 1900 MHz. Let us consider only the 900 MHz band for our discussion. This has a quarter wavelength of approximately 7.5 cms. Hence the maximum heating takes place at a distance of 7.5 cms from the antenna. Cell phone users may try to identify the organ which is at this distance from the cell phone antenna and do not be surprised if you find your brains there. Does this imply that the brain would be ’cooked’ during cell phone usage? The answer is partly yes, partly no, partly I dont know. The brain constitues about 70% water, but the resonant frequency of water molecules is at about 2450 MHz and drops rapidly on either sides of this frequency. Hence the heating at cell phone operating frequency is quite less. However the heating of oxygen atoms, which are also present are not less!!! Does it mean the brain will be ’cooked’ slowly?
DO NOT GIVE YOUR CELL PHONE TO BABIES(the absorption rate is higher in children for microwaves).



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